The Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs and they couldn't have drawn up a better scenario. 

Carey Price is rested and healthy, Shea Weber is rested and healthy, Jonathan Drouin might be ready to play. 

Lots of Canadiens' were dealing with some hidden injuries before the season was paused and now they have a huge window to raise their 25th Stanley Cup banner. 

We've already heard teams complain about the Canadiens being in the playoffs and the unfair advantage of having a physically and mentally rested Carey Price. 

Canadiens' captain Shea Weber knows that while the 24 team playoff bracket might not be fair, it gives the Canadiens the perfect opportunity to win. 

"Obviously we're excited, do I think it's fair to the teams that were in the playoffs? No. But at the same time this gives us a chance to win and it gives us a chance to keep playing. We weren't officially out but it would have been tough to get back in. 

Now we've got some hope. 

Whether they give it an asterix it's still a Stanley Cup."

Source: TSN