The Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin have a couple of restricted free agents to make big decisions on this summer. 

Among them we find 2013 first round pick Michael McCarron. 

The big 6'6" forward has never really been able to find a proper spot in the NHL even though he's got 69 NHL games under his belt. 

He's racked up 110 penalty minutes in the NHL but has only scored two goals and has been used sparingly. 

There's been lots of chatter regarding his future in the organization and his agent will meet with Marc Bergevin about his future during NHL Draft weekend in Vancouver at the end of the month. 

Richard Labbe of La Presse spoke with McCarron's agent, Wade Arnott, and we learned a very interesting piece of information. 

McCarron had surgery this offseason and it was to deal with a shoulder injury that's apparently been bothering him for nothing less than five years! The injury apparently happened during a preseason game in 2014. 

Arnott confirmed with Labbe that McCarron has already started working out and he'll be ready to go for training camp whether it's with the Canadiens' or somebody else. 

Source: La Presse