The Montreal Canadiens are starting to get rolling again and that's very much thanks to the return of one of their top lines. 

Tomas Tatar, Phillip Danault and Brendan Gallagher have built up their chemistry once again and it has helped the team immensely. 

Gallagher signed his big extension this offseason and many expected for Danault to do the same but that never happened. 

We heard some speculation that Danault had rejected a 6 year deal worth a total of $30million which Danault has never confirmed nor denied. 

On Wednesday Tony Marinaro of TSN690 spoke Normand Flynn of RDS who spoke to Danault's agent, Stephane Fiset, about the situation. 

"Norman Flynn tells me he spoke w/P.Danault's QC based agent Stéphane Fiset. Asked him about report that Danault refused 6yr $30m. Fiset told him that he gave Pageau's contract (6yrs $30m) as a comparable to M.Bergevin & it ended there; says Danault was never offered that contract"

So according to Fiset, Danault has never even been offered a contract yet. 

Is Danault almost as good as gone when the season is over?

Source: Tony Marinaro/Norman Flynn