The Max Pacioretty trade without a doubt is one of Marc Bergevin's best moves as Montreal Canadiens general manager. 

Everybody knew the trade was coming and Bergevin was still able to get an excellent return for the disgruntled former Habs' captain. 

Tomas Tatar became a huge part of the Habs' success this year and fit in perfectly with the Habs' dressing room chemistry and Nick Suzuki has been an absolute beast during his final OHL season taking it up a notch during the playoffs. 

Bergevin was also able to land a second round pick in the trade from Vegas which actually comes from the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

With the Blue Jackets recently eliminated from the NHL playoffs, we now know exactly where that second pick stands and it'll be the 50th overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. 

That means the Canadiens' now have three picks inside the top 50 at #15, #46 and #50. 

Bergevin and Trevor Timmins did a great job with their stock pilled picks last year and with 10 picks this year, hopefully they can do the same.