The 24 team playoff has been approved and the wheels are in motion. 

Right now it's just a matter of ironing out some final details but the remaining NHL teams have told their players they can all go home. 

Meanwhile the 24 teams in the playoffs will get ready to get back on the ice and eventually head to the two chosen hub cities. 

While the NHLPA approved the vote, it's been revealed that two full teams voted against the format. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning were one of those teams and player rep Alex Killorn explained why. 

"I brought the format to my team. They didn't feel it was fair that certain teams that probably wouldn't have made the playoffs would have a chance to make the playoffs in a best-of-five series,"  Killorn said, according to The Athletic's Joe Smith. "My team also felt it was unfair that the teams with a bye would not be as well prepared for a playoff series as the teams that had already basically played a playoff series to get into the playoffs."

"I don't want people to think that we don't want to play. Everyone on our team wants to play. In saying that, we are fine with the vote the PA took and we are ready with it going forward," Killorn added.

"The only problem I have with that format is that the top teams that have a bye, I don't know how competitive their games will be going forward where the teams at the bottom will be playing playoff games right away and (would be) potentially more prepared for, I guess, the real playoffs,"

Sara Civian of The Athletic confirmed that the Carolina Hurricanes were the other team that voted no. 

Source: The Athletic