Like a couple of offseason events, the NHL had to freestyle some changes because of the pandemic. 

The rest of the 2019-20 season was canceled and the league will head straight into an improvised 24 team playoff format. 

One of the first major marks of the NHL playoffs is the NHL Draft Lottery and the league has now revealed how it will go down on Friday. 

“The lottery odds for the seven non-qualifying teams were determined by their points percentage during the 2019-20 regular season, which was paused March 12 due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus and was ended May 26 with the Return to Play Plan announcement.

The eight potential losing teams from the qualifiers will be represented in the First Phase of the draft lottery as unassigned picks.

The first drawing of the First Phase will set the team selecting No. 1 in the draft, the second drawing will set the team selecting No. 2, and the third drawing will set the team selecting No. 3.

If a team not in the bottom seven wins any of the first three drawings, a Second Phase will be conducted among the eight teams eliminated in the qualifiers. That would take place between the end of the qualifiers and the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

Here's how they will break down the draft for the teams eliminated. 

“If a team that loses in the qualifiers wins each of the top three picks, the bottom seven teams will be assigned picks No. 4-10 in inverse order of their points percentage.

If a team that loses in the qualifiers wins one or two of the top three picks, any bottom-seven team not in the top three will be assigned their pick in inverse order of points percentage.

The number of drawings in the Second Phase would depend on how many picks in the First Phase are won by teams that lose in the qualifiers.

The odds for each losing team in the qualifiers for the first drawing of the Second Phase are 12.5 percent.”

The top four teams in each conference will not participate in the draft lottery. 

Here's how the numbers work. 

Detroit Red Wings (.275) — 18.5 percent chance for No. 1 pick
Ottawa Senators (.437) — 13.5 percent
Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks, .450) — 11.5 percent
Los Angeles Kings (.457) — 9.5 percent
Anaheim Ducks (.472) — 8.5 percent
New Jersey Devils (.493) — 7.5 percent
Buffalo Sabres (.493) — 6.5 percent
Qualifier Team A — 6.0 percent
Qualifier Team B — 5.0 percent
Qualifier Team C — 3.5 percent
Qualifier Team D — 3.0 percent
Qualifier Team E — 2.5 percent
Qualifier Team F — 2.0 percent
Qualifier Team G — 1.5 percent
Qualifier Team H — 1.0 percent
*** New Jersey received better lottery odds than Buffalo because it had a worse regulation/overtime winning percentage (.348, compared to Buffalo’s .406).

Montreal Canadiens, .500
Chicago Blackhawks, .514
Arizona Coyotes, .529
Minnesota Wild, .558
Winnipeg Jets, .563
Calgary Flames, .564
New York Rangers, .564
Vancouver Canucks, .565
Nashville Predators, .565
Florida Panthers, .565
Columbus Blue Jackets, .579
Toronto Maple Leafs, .579
Edmonton Oilers, .585
New York Islanders, .588
Carolina Hurricanes, .596
Pittsburgh Penguins, .623