There's been some interesting decisions made by the Montreal Canadiens over the last couple of months and some silence when it comes to certain questions lingering. 

We might have an answer. 

Martin Lemay of 91.9FM Sports tried to explain Molson's silence as the host suggested that the Habs are currently for sale and the owner is looking for a new buyer for the franchise.

Lemay started a frenzy across social media with his statement and he gave a few examples including the lack of contract for Marc Bergevin as well as the situation surrounding Shea Weber as examples.

The Canadiens are currently worth 1.3billion US dollars according to the Forbes magazine in addition to the many investments including land and buildings that belong to the CH Group.

Martin Lemay's storyline is highly implausible, but it could still explain why Geoff Molson is so silent in the media.

We can bet that this issue will continue to generate a lot of talk.