It was an interesting offseason especially for Montreal Canadiens' forward Brendan Gallagher. 

When all was said and done both of Gallagher's longtime line mates were no longer a part of the Canadiens' organization. 

Phillip Danault walked and signed with the Los Angeles Kings while Tatar ended up signing with the New Jersey Devils. 

Tatar was scratched for the majority of the playoffs and he believes he just wasn't put in a position to succeed by the team. 

"It’s so hard because in the playoffs, you’re playing against the best teams who made it there and it’s much harder to produce when you’re trying to defend against these best players night in and night out. Even against Toronto, we were getting matched against their best players and most of the time we were starting in D-zone, so obviously that will reflect on production, which I guess a lot of people are pointing on that. We never really played an offensive role in the playoffs, and you can probably see it on other guys’ stats, their jobs were a little different and I have no problem accepting it. I’m definitely not looking for a point or for the goals in the playoffs, I’m looking to win a game and help that way. But it’s a lot harder to do in a playoff when everything gets much tighter and you’re starting most of the time in the D-zone. And even against Toronto, I think we got the job done. If we would have found the net a few times, it would absolutely be a different story. The pucks didn’t go in, but we didn’t get outscored by the first line, which is I guess a huge help, what we were offering to the team. There are other players who contributed, and, personally, I was very happy about that. My goal is to go from round to round. If I would be able to score, that’s great, but especially with our line, I think our job was a little different."

What do you think of Tatar's comments?