It was a story that absolutely shocked the hockey world just about a week ago.

Carey Price decided to enter the NHL’s player assistance program and would be gone a minimum of 30 days.

Immediately speculation grew on why Price left the team.

Not much has been said however former Montreal Canadiens’ goalie coach Stephane Waite revealed a bit.

"I was sure when I left that it was nothing related to alcohol, gambling or anything else. I rubbed shoulders with him long enough to know that it's none of that, "said Waite.

"I exchanged some text messages with Carey and immediately saw that it was going to be correct. He must pay attention to him and I told him that he was proud of him so that he could take care of himself, because he takes a lot of the people around him. »

"I know he found it very difficult to lose in the Stanley Cup final. It's his dream and he told me after the defeat that he had been so close. »

"I think Carey will be well, that he will take time for him, a time he may not have had after the final with the operation because of the rehabilitation. »
"He needs to think about himself and refocus. It's nothing physical. It will even give him some time for his knee. Maybe he put some pressure on himself to come back quickly and maybe he wasn't able. On the other hand, when he returns in a month, look carefully, it's going to be a "wow", said Waite.

What do you think of Waite’s comments?

Source: RDS