The NHL's 2019-20 season remains in question and there's been plenty of ideas on what to do if it gets going again. 

A mini training camp and then finishing the season or heading straight to the playoffs. 

We've heard some various playoff formats presented too. 

New Jersey Devils' defenseman PK Subban suggested the idea of every team making the playoffs and have a mega tournament for the Stanley Cup. 

“Every team should be able to play to make the playoffs, I would like to see our team compete for the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup".

Even though that idea would get the Montreal Canadiens into the playoffs, Canadiens' captain Shea Weber isn't interested. 

“It wouldn’t really be fair to those teams who established themselves as playoff contenders”

Who's side are you on? 

Would you like to see every team make the playoffs in a mega tournament or do you think only teams who were in contention should make it?