Over the last couple of months we've heard some revelations regarding multiple issues across hockey. 

Of course the biggest story has been Akim Aliu's revelation about racist slurs being used towards him by former NHL head coach Bill Peters and bullying by Steve Downie. 

Current San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane says the problem still exists today and doesn't feel the game will grow until it's addressed properly. 

"For me, it's really just disappointing, it's shocking. And the disappointment comes because I love hockey so much, and I think our sport is the greatest sport by far out of any," Kane said to TSN's Mark Masters and Rick Westhead.

"And all this racism does is drag it down," he continued. "For me, as a player, who really wants this game and this league to grow as big as it possibly can to get on some of the levels that other leagues are on, we're not going to be able to do that until we fix this massive issue that all we've done so far is just cover it up or try to cover it up."

"This is just kind of the beginning of people understanding that there's still racism in hockey whether you want to pretend there isn't or there is," he added.

"I think there's a lot more stories like that. This wasn't racism from another player on another team or another coach on another team, this was from right in his own locker room," Kane said. "That happens as well, it's happened to me."

"This isn't about Akim being good enough to play in the NHL or not, it's about while he was playing in the NHL, or while he was playing in the AHL, or while he was playing in the OHL, he encountered racism," he added. "Whether that happened yesterday or whether that happened 10 years ago, it makes no difference because the people - specifically to Akim's story - that were causing that sort of racism and displaying those types of remarks and verbalizing that were still active participants in our league, so it is current. It is real. It's not about how long ago it was."

What do you think of Kane's comments?

Source: TSN