While the Montreal Canadiens didn't give out any massively bad contracts on July 1st this summer, they still made headlines across the league. 

The Canadiens signed restricted free agent Sebastian Aho to an offer sheet, the first offer sheet signed by an RFA since Ryan O'Reilly in 2013. 

Aho has stayed quiet on the situation for the majority of the summer but sat down with Chris Johnston of Sportsnet to give some detail. 

“There was not a lot of time to think about it,” said Aho. “A day. A day. It happened really fast. It was really important to start the season on time, to me. That helped to get there.

“It felt like the right thing to do at the moment.”

While the Hurricanes publicly said it was an easy decision to match it, Aho didn't hear from anybody in the Hurricanes organization for 24hrs. 

He adds that Montreal was the only team he spoke to during the free agency period.  

“That’s the thing: It’s not up to you if somebody wants to offer sheet,” he said. “I had no idea. Obviously, I’m thankful for Montreal to offer me this contract — they showed me they wanted me — but at the same time I’m really psyched to play in Carolina."

Source: Sportsnet