The Montreal Canadiens lost another tight game last night, this time to the New York Rangers. 

Montreal was able to put together a pretty solid effort, unfortunately it wasn't for a full 60 minutes and the Rangers took advantage of what little opportunities they had. 

During the game we saw Canadiens' rookie Michael Pezzetta drop the gloves with one of the NHL's top tough guys, Ryan Reaves. 

The fight didn't last long as Reaves basically pummelled Pezzetta and the Rangers would score almost immediately afterwards. 

After the game Reaves said he was confused by Pezzetta wanting to drop the gloves. 

“I was very confused with what was going on,” Reaves said. “That was the second time in my career, I was confused on whether a guy from the minors is an absolute killer trying to make a name or something. Both ended the same way.”

“I didn’t know if he was serious or not,” Reaves added, quite amused by Pezzetta’s proposal.

“Luckily, we scored right after that,” Reaves said. “The crowd was into it and the boys got one for me there, which was good.”

What do you think of Reaves' comments?

Check out the fight again below: