With Jesperi Kotkaniemi coming off of injured reserve, the Montreal Canadiens decided to send Ryan Poehling back to Laval. 

The move wasn't because of Poehling's play but because he didn't need to be exposed to waivers. 

During Poehling's brief stint in Montreal, head coach Claude Julien received a bit of slack for having Poehling skating on the fourth line.

However Poehling himself said that it was the perfect situation and appreciates how Julien decided to use him. 

“I’m a young guy,” Poehling said. “And the Canadiens have such a great team, so I think Coach didn’t want to put me in situations where something bad could happen and it would look like my fault.

“I think he was really good managing that. I think he does respect and relies on older guys at times, but that’s a good thing. So yes, they might feel more comfortable playing those guys, but I wouldn’t say he’s harsh on young guys, at all.”

What do you think of Poehling's comments?

Source: The Athletic