The Montreal Canadiens have been making headlines over the last couple of days. 

It started of course with the shocking Shea Weber announcement. 

After playing like a machine to help lead the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Finals, it was suddenly revealed that he was dealing with career threatening injuries and might never play again. 

Then over the last couple of days it was revealed that Carey Price waived his no movement clause for the expansion draft which to start had everybody thinking Price would be taken by the Seattle Kraken for sure. 

However just a couple of days later it was revealed that Price is dealing with knee and hip injuries and could need surgery on both which would result in Price missing the start and possibly a large chunk of the season. 

Two key players left unprotected with perfectly timed injury announcements to follow. 

Teams across the NHL aren't happy and are accusing the Canadiens of cheating the expansion draft process according to Elliotte Friedman. 

Friedman reports that various teams around the league believe what the Canadiens have done is "total bullshit" and just a way to get around the expansion draft.

The major thing that has to be taken into account of course is that the Canadiens literally just finished their season so players have only recently seen doctors. 

Others will argue it's nothing different than what the Tampa Bay Lightning did with Nikita Kucherov last year to get around the salary cap. 

What do you think of all this?


Source: Elliotte Friedman