We've heard lots of plans and suggestions about what the NHL can do when/if the quarantine is lifted. 

If life were to get back to normal sometime in May or June then we'll likely have a 2020 Stanley Cup champion. 

There's been various suggestions on how to get there, finish the season, cancel the season and jump straight to the playoffs, a full 31 team playoff, a 24 team playoff and more. 

Well it seems one things for sure and that the league will right into the playoffs. 

According to announce Joe Buck, who's daughter dates an NHL player, the league will hold a one week training camp and then jump right into the playoffs. 

Buck didn't mention if there would be more than 16 teams in the playoffs, but there could be some controversy with the Islanders two points out of a Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference but two games in hand while in the Western Conference both Nashville and Vancouver are tied for the second Wild Card spot. 

It's definitely a storyline we'll continue to follow.