Longtime Boston Bruins defenseman and captain Zdeno Chara shocked the hockey world on Wednesday afternoon. 

The blueliner announced that the Bruins had told him that they were moving on and wouldn't offer any form of new contract which led to him signing a one year deal with the Washington Capitals. 

However it seems that wasn't his first destination of choice, it was actually the Montreal Canadiens. 

Canadiens' insider Renaud Lavoie reports that Chara and the Canadiens were trying hard to figure out a contract however one road block made the 43 year old chose Washington. 

According to Lavoie, Chara decided it was best for him to stay in the United States because his family will be staying in Boston during these current COVID-19 issues and the closed border. 

Lavoie adds that Chara really likes how general manager Marc Bergevin has built the current team. 

Would you have liked to see Chara in a Canadiens uniform?

Source: renaud lavoie