Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin spoke with the media earlier this week where the Habs GM mentioned he wasn't in the market for a quick rental. 

He wasn't willing to give up a 1st round pick or some of his young prospects for a player who would become UFA after this season. 

However according to NHL insider Darren Dreger, Bergevin is still looking to make a move to improve his club. 

“Status quo isn’t a bad thing as long as you maintain the development attitude of the Montreal Canadiens, but don’t confuse that with a lack of interest in getting better.

If there is opportunity, if there’s a player that is maybe going to inject a little bit more offence, you know clearly that they’d like to add a bit more experience I suppose or transition on their blueline, well then he’s going to listen and probably pull the trigger if it makes sense.

I think he was being very, very honest and up front there saying that they’re not going to make a trade that’s going to cost them long term when looking at some of their young roster players or prospects.”

It sounds like Bergevin is ready to make a push for the playoffs. 

Source: Darren Dreger TSN