Over the last couple of days we've heard some chatter about the Montreal Canadiens and Erik Karlsson. 

While it's been just chatter, it seems it could be a very real thing. 

Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun has made a pretty big revelation this week. 

According to Brennan's "well-connected source", Karlsson is hopeful to receive a competitive offer form the Montreal Canadiens during the summer. 

Karlsson is hoping to return close to Ottawa because his wife Melinda who's from Ottawa wants to be closer to home. 

Brennan adds that Karlsson is also willing to look at the Senators and New York Rangers as other possible options. There's been a report floating around that the Senators have already moved on from Karlsson and aren't willing to welcome him back. The Rangers have the cap space but are behind the Canadiens' in their "reset/rebuild". 

The only problem with adding Karlsson to the Canadiens would be that it would likely require a long term commitment for 6 or 7 years and over the last three seasons Karlsson has dealt with some serious health issues. He's also a righty which would present a bit of traffic jam on the right side of the blueline for the Canadiens which already features Shea Weber and Jeff Petry. Weber isn't going anywhere and Petry has a modified no trade clause. 

It's clear though, Karlsson would give the Canadiens a huge boost on the power play.

Source: Don Brennan Ottawa Sun