As we get closer to the deadline regarding the Jesperi Kotkaniemi offer sheet result, some interesting information has surfaced. 

The Carolina Hurricanes might have broken league rules with Kotkaniemi. 

As NHL insider Larry Brooks of the New York Post points out, there's one glaring storyline that could very well be illegal. 

It's been mentioned how the Hurricanes have spoke to Kotkaniemi about a long term deal, however if those discussions happened before the offer sheet was signed, it would be circumventing the salary cap. 

"So if Carolina has a multi-year extension at a $4M AAV ready to go for Kotkaniemi on 1/1 that the player's camp has likely committed to, is that not circumvention?"

This is something that could be under investigation by the NHL. 

What do you think of this?

Source: Larry Brooks