It's been quite the eventful last couple of months in Edmonton. 

The Oilers of course fired controversial general manager Peter Chiarelli and replaced him with longtime Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland who hired a new coach in Dave Tippett.

The drama doesn't stop there as some have reported Oilers' superstar Connor McDavid wasn't happy about the hiring. 

Stealing the spotlight over the last month has been forward Jesse Puljujarvi who has requested a trade out of Edmonton. 

It's clear Puljujarvi wants out of Edmonton and it doesn't sound like his Oilers' teammates will be sad to see him go. 

Kurt Leavins of the Edmonton Journal recently put together a report that states some players refused to play with him on the ice last year. 

"Meanwhile, through all of the above, his teammates struggled to connect with him on the ice. Often, especially on the power play. Puljujarvi would repeatedly head to the wrong spot. He would literally bump into them. And when they would try to explain it to him their words of advice seemed to fall flat. Was he not listening…not understanding…or not agreeing? Eventually, although none of these players would ever dream of saying it in public…I am made to understand that they quietly asked just not to play with him anymore. There’s no suggestion they disliked him as a guy. Just that he was just hard to play with."

It seems almost impossible at this point that Puljujarvi returns to the Oilers next season. 

Source: Edmonton Journal