The drama silently continues as everybody awaits the announcement regarding Jesperi Kotkaniemi. 

The youngster signed an offer sheet with the Carolina Hurricanes for a whopping $6.1million 1year deal. 

Initial reaction was that the Canadiens had no choice but to match it however as the smoke clears it seems it's quite the opposite. 

Both Elliotte Friedman and Eric Engels reported this week that it's highly likely that Bergevin doesn't match the offer sheet and now another top Canadiens' insider has spoken up. 

TVA Sports' Renaud Lavoie reports that it's extremely unlikely the Canadiens match the offer sheet and they already have a strategy to replace Kotkaniemi on the roster. 

Bergevin has always stated he wants players on his roster that want to be in Montreal and play for the Canadiens, Kotkaniemi of course has proven the opposite with the offer sheet. 

Lavoie adds that from what he's hearing the Hurricanes made the offer as a joke not thinking they'd actually have to take on the cap hit but are now nervous regarding their salary cap and Bergevin will make them sweat it out for the rest of the week. 

There's been lots of reports that the Canadiens are trying to get a deal in place to land Christian Dvorak of the Arizona Coyotes. 

Source: Renaud Lavoie