The NHL will host the Draft Lottery tonight and unlike a couple of months ago, the Montreal Canadiens don't really have a chance at landing the #1 pick. 

That's of course because the Canadiens are now in the playoffs because of the expanded 24 team format. 

While it would be every Habs' fans dream to hoist the Stanley Cup once again, it would also be every fans dream for the team to land Alexis Lafreniere. 

Lafreniere is considered a generational talent by most, in the realm of Sidney Crosby and being Quebec born, would be a dream come true for the organization and the province. 

Since the Canadiens won't be able to land him through the Draft, a group of Canadiens writers at La Presse came up with a monster Eric Lindros-like trade proposal to land the 18 year old.

We hope you're sitting down for this proposal. 

Nick Suzuki OR Cole Caufield
Alexander Romanov
Cayden Primeau
1st round pick in 2020
2nd round pick in 2020
1st round choice in 2021
1st round choice in 2022
1st round choice in 2023

Would all be involved in the package to land the young forward.

Would you make this trade?

Source: La Presse