It's no secret, NHL players weren't happy at all about not being able to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

Lots of players voiced their displeasure including some of the league's biggest stars like Alexander Ovechkin. 

A decision has yet to be made on if NHL players will be allowed to participate in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, however the NHL has seemed to be more open about it than the 2018 Olympics. 

One player who doesn't seem like he'll take no for an answer is Anton Stralman of the Florida Panthers.

“If I’m getting robbed again by the owners, I’ll set something on fire (laughs). (Not getting to play in the Olympics,) that was a hard kick in the nuts right there. It’s been arguably a bigger goal (for me) than making it to the NHL. I didn’t know about the NHL until I was 10 or so. We definitely didn’t have the channels. We saw it on the news once and a while. The gold medal in the ’94 Olympics, the world championships in ’91 and ’92: That’s what I grew up on. So after getting close a couple of times and not being able to go when I’d probably make the team (in 2018), it was hard. So now I have to play another three years to get a chance to do it.”

At 33 years old, Stralman's chances of making the 2022 Swedish team get smaller by the year. 

Source: The Athletic