As the Stanley Cup Playoffs continue to wind down, NHL GM's are starting to get to the loads of work they have ahead. 

Some NHL GM's are in salary cap hell and have some big decisions ahead with big name UFA's about to walk and big name RFA's needing an extension. 

While the John Tavares free agency scenario last year was something we haven't seen in awhile, we might see an even bigger free agent frenzy as some big names decide to walk away from their respective teams. 

There's actually a large amount of NHL teams or have 10 or more players who will become UFA this summer, lucky for Marc Bergevin he's not in that scenario. 

Bergevin and the Canadiens actually have the least amount of players left on his roster which could become UFA this summer at only two. 

One is already gone for sure in Antti Niemi, while the other is Jordie Benn who might not be back but won't be a huge blow to the team. 

Check out the numbers below courtesy of CapFriendly:

Source: Cap Friendly