It was big news yesterday as the Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin signed Nick Suzuki to an 8 year extension. 

While the deal came with praise in Montreal, it came with plenty of criticism across the NHL. 

Many believe that Suzuki hasn't earned an 8 year deal yet and his numbers were inflated by playing against team's weaker lines. 

However that criticism isn't warranted and Suzuki is fast to point that out. 

Suzuki was asked about being a #1 center for a full 82 game season and facing other team's top lines, the 22 year old said it's nothing new. 

“I don’t know, I think last year teams saw that we were a good line and they had their top lines and top D pairs against us too,” he said. “So it wasn’t like I was just playing against second and third lines all year. I’m used to playing against all the team’s top lines, even throughout juniors and even a little bit in the NHL. So I’m not too worried.

“As a line, whoever I play with, we can play against whoever.”

Cocky or confident, what do you think of Suzuki's message?