The Montreal Canadiens dropped their third game in a row on Wednesday night and dropped from second to third in the Atlantic Division. 

It's been a bit of a tough break losing streak, the first two losses involved some really bad calls by referees and Wednesday night's loss against Ottawa involved a massive mishap by Tomas Tatar and Nick Suzuki in overtime. 

The Canadiens are basically on the same pace as last year and ended up missing the playoffs. 

Nick Cousins knows that because of how tight the league is now, a losing streak could make a huge difference in making the playoffs. 

“I just think it’s crazy … any team can beat any team on any given night,” Cousins said. “If you lose three, four in a row you’re going to be out of the playoffs because the standings are so tight and they’re going to be so tight until the last game of the season. I think if we can get out of this funk here that we’re in — we’ve lost three in a row now — we’ve just got to keep putting points on the board each and every night. Try and separate yourselves as best you can with how tight the division is. I think you’ve just got to eliminate the three-, four-, five-game losing streaks.”

Cousins is confident though, he says the Habs' have outplayed their opponents, they just haven't taken advantage of their opportunities. 

“The last couple of games, we out kind of out-chanced both teams,” Cousins said. “I think we’ve carried the majority of the play as well. But at the same time, when we’re not burying our chances we’re kind of keeping the other team around and I think you saw that last night. They were pretty lucky to get to overtime and then in overtime it’s anyone game. I think if we can capitalize on our chances … I think if we get the lead, we kind of want to extend the lead as well. I think if we do a better job of that we’ll set ourselves up for a better result."

Source: Montreal Gazette