The Montreal Canadiens opened up their season last night against the Carolina Hurricanes. 

While the result was disappointing, a 4-3 shootout loss, the game itself was extremely fast paced and entertaining from start to finish. 

Carolina isn't exactly known for being a hockey hotbed, but the fans were definitely into it last night, unfortunately you can't say the same about the local Fox Sports broadcast team. 

While the broadcast was doing a little feature on Habs' prospect Nick Suzuki who was making his NHL debut, they put up an information graphic, that was unfortunately full of false information. 

To start, they called him Nicholas, which technically isn't wrong but not the name that's used hockey wise, but that's not even close to their massive fail. 

The Carolina Fox Sports broadcast put up that Suzuki was "acquired from the Vegas Golden Knights in the Max Domi trade".

Woof, talk about not doing any research at all. 

Check it out below: