It's a relationship that many feel ended on a sour note.

However after 16 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, Andrei Markov decided to head back to Russia and play in the KHL during the summer of 2017. 

While Markov had a bit of a rebirth playing beside Shea Weber, it was clear the defenseman was trending downwards and a two year contract didn't make sense for Marc Bergevin or the Canadiens. 

The 40 year old was only able to register 14 points in 49 games last season which included just two goals, not exactly mind blowing numbers. 

Regardless, Markov wants back in the NHL and at the top of his list is playing for the Canadiens. 

“That’s my dream, you know. But, like I said, it’s not up to me. We’ll see … we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’m not kind of in a rush. I’ll try to train hard and prepare myself.” Markov told Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette.

Cowan also asked Markov about Sherbak's comments that Bergevin and the Canadiens had an anti-Russian bias.

“I don’t know … we live in a free world, right. So whatever he said, it’s his opinion, his view. I never felt that way. I spent my whole career here and I respect what the Canadiens did for me. I never felt that way.”

You can check out the full interview here.

Source: Montreal Gazette