The Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Winnipeg Jets in four games and today was the day for the Jets to clean out their lockers and meet with the media. 

Because of the four game sweep, Jets' forward Mark Scheifele wasn't able to get back in the series and will continue his suspension once the season begins. 

Jus like he did last week, Scheifele still refuses to acknowledge that his hit might have been dirty. 

We heard him say last week that the suspension was excessive and shocking and how he would make the same play again because he did nothing wrong. 

Scheifele made another controversial statement today as he refused to take any blame and play the victim. 

"I thought I was going to be tried to be shut down by Phillip Danault," Scheifele said. "Instead it was department of player safety that shut me down."

It's really sad to see the forward be so delusional.