The Montreal Canadiens have lots of cap room, draft picks and prospects to make some major moves this offseason. 

Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin though has repeatedly said he won't divert from his "reset" so we might not see anything blockbuster unless it means landing a talented young player. 

Recently The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun caught up with Bergevin to ask him about the possibility of making an offer sheet. 

“Just making an offer sheet for the sake of making an offer sheet, I don’t believe in that,” said Bergevin. “You have to believe there’s a real chance you’re getting the player.’’

Bergevin added that it's a bit risky considering all the draft picks you have to give up, especially with the parity in the league and team's making the playoffs one year and being a lottery team the next. 

“Maybe one of the reasons it hasn’t been done in a long time is because with the draft lottery the way it is now, the bubble teams, those could be lottery picks,’’ Bergevin said. “That player makes you better but does it make you that much better where you know you’re going to be a shoo-in to make the playoffs? With the lottery system including all the teams now that miss the playoffs, all the teams have a chance (at a top pick), that might be making teams a bit more nervous. And I mean, the elite teams don’t have the cap space to make that offer sheet. So it really comes to the bubble teams. I think that’s one of the reasons you don’t see it as much now. I mean, a team can go from 15 to 2 in the lottery now.’’

What do you think of Bergevin's comments?

Source: The Athletic