It's been the chatter for the last couple of years, the Montreal Canadiens' need a top four left handed defenseman. 

Lots of analysts and fans believe that Victor Mete is playing above his talent level on the first pairing with Shea Weber. 

However the Canadiens don't have much choice and Mete remains on the top pairing. 

While talking with the media on Wednesday, head coach Claude Julien mentioned the team is searching for a left handed defenseman and he can only work with what he was given.

"I work with what I have. That does not mean I'm not happy" said Julien. "(Mete) is a guy who moves the puck well. You already had the answer from Marc (Bergevin). I think we are looking for a left-handed defender.That's not to take a shot at our current group, but it puts some of them in a position where we have to ask a bit more from them. "

The Mete-Weber duo has been getting a lot of heat recently, however Julien isn't ready to throw them under the bus. 

"On the first goal (Tuesday night), the forwards could have cleared the puck three or four times and they did not. You can not judge two players when it's a unit of five.

"Is there a problem (with Mete and Weber)? They could sometimes do better, that's for sure. But it is also sometimes the unit of five that has not been effective in its own zone, "continued Julien.

Source: La Presse