One of the most one dimensional hockey players over the last couple of years was without a doubt John Scott. 

The 6'8, 260lb forward brought absolutely nothing to the rink except his scary enforcer capability. 

Scott was easily one of the most intimidating figures over the last couple of years and didn't lose very often. 

Since he's been retired, Scott has been giving lots of great behind the scenes insight regarding his time in the NHL and dropped an absolutely crazy story from his time in the Buffalo Sabres organization. 

During Rasmus Ristolainen's rookie season he felt the wrath of Scott and got choked out by the forward. 

"So I was in the locker room one day and Risto was a rookie and I was taping my stick. He comes up behind me with his jock and he puts it right in my face and i was thrown off guard so I chase him down and I reach him in the stick room. I go full on WWE wrestler and throw a choke hold on him and everything's fun and games and I think I'm not trying to hurt him until I feel his whole body going limp and I choked him out unconscious in the stick room. 

He was the first rounder where like the team put all the eggs in Risto's basket and I think he was a top five pick and I'm just like 'oh my gosh i just choked out the sabres first round pick' 

He's laying on the floor in the stick room like choking on his tongue and I'm starting to get nervous so i rolled him on his side so he wasn't choking on his tongue and he came to seven seconds later 

He woke up and he was like shocked, he was like 'whoa' because he was only an 18 year old 19 year old kid and here I am this goon choking him out in the stick room it was definitely a very scary situation but it was also a learning situation for Risto"


Listen to John tell the story himself in the video below: