Montreal Canadiens prospect Michael McCarron received some tough news this week.

After undergoing surgery, McCarron will miss the rest of the season. 

What makes it especially tough is the fact that McCarron is RFA after this season and many wonder if the Canadiens will even both bringing him back. 

The 2013 first round pick has seen a handful of players pass him on the depth chart and the Canadiens might be willing to move on. 

Well, if Laval Rocket head coach Joel Bouchard can make the decision, McCarron will be back in a Rocket uniform next season. 

"I'll let Marc (Bergevin) do his work and take care of roster decisions. However if I had the choice, I like him a lot. He brings a lot to the lineup. I love his attitude and his development over the last year".  

Not something many expected to hear. 

Would you like McCarron back in the Canadiens organization next year?

Source: Raphael Doucet Twitter