It was a tough night for the Montreal Canadiens and youngster Cayden Primeau last night. 

The Leafs absolutely dominated the Canadiens with four goals in the opening period and wrapped up the game 5-2 when all was said and one. 

Those four goals came against Primeau on 15 shots and the 21 year old didn't come back to start the second period. 

After the game Jake Allen revealed that he had a conversation with Primeau and revealed some of those details. 

“I just talked to him in the dressing room there, just me and him,” Allen said of Primeau.

“I said, look, it’s a bump in the road for him,” Allen continued. “I can tell how good of a goalie he is, how good of a kid he is. He’s going to be, once (Carey Price’s) legacy goes on, this guy’s going to be the guy here. You’ve got to fail to succeed in anything, that’s the way I look at it. You’ve got to fail to succeed in this league—especially as a goalie. It’s just a bump in the road for him. It’s unfortunate, I’m sure he’s going to take it hard like all young guys do, and I would’ve done the same thing, but he’s gotta move on and get back and be ready to go for us. We’re going to need him again.”

“I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, as a goalie through my NHL hockey career, and I think that’s just what he’s going to do,” said Allen. “I said to him, he’s going to have other blips on the radar in the upcoming future, that’s just hockey. As a goalie, it’s just magnified more than a player…

“Goalies always want to have every puck. I’m sure Cayden would’ve said he might want a couple of those back. But it’s a bump in the road, and he’s a good goalie and a great kid. That’s all I can say. He’s going to mature on his own, on his own terms, and the way he takes it is the way he takes it. I think he’s going to do the right thing (because) he’s got a great mindset.”

What do you think of Allen's comments?