There's lots of different blueprints on how the league might get back up and running. 

NHL insider Pierre LeBrun reported over the weekend that the most likely scenario is that the league will go with a 24 team playoff. 

That means that the Montreal Canadiens would get a chance at the Stanley Cup even though they were barely a bubble team when the season paused. 

The fact that the Canadiens might get into the playoffs apparently has some teams upset. 

According to insider Elliotte Friedman, there's a bunch of teams against allowing Montreal into the playoffs because of Carey Price. 

Friedman reports that teams feel it's unfair that they would have to play against a very well rested Price and the Canadiens would have an unfair advantage, especially in the opening rounds. 

The Habs' goalie would be really focused and refreshed both mentally and physically and we would likely get the same Price we saw during his Vezina season. 

Source: Elliotte Friedman