Montreal Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin is constantly labeled as one of the busiest GM's in the league. 

Insiders report that Bergevin is the GM who works the phones the most always trying to improve his team. 

He made a couple of moves once again this season however he might have something bigger up his sleeve. 

Bergevin spent some time in Colorado this season watching Avalanche games and while he and Avs' GM Joe Sakic both mentioned it's because Bergevin's daughter goes to university there, it's more than likely the two sides are working a trade. 

Canadiens' insider and beat writer Eric Engels tackled the mystery during his latest mailbag and confirmed the two sides are working on something. 

"Even if we took Avalanche GM Joe Sakic’s word that Bergevin’s extended stay in Denver, in the lead-up to the Feb. 24 trade deadline, was purely related to his daughter attending Colorado University, I’m fairly certain Canadiens assistant GM Scott Mellanby (who was also there) doesn’t have any kids attending school in the state.

Which is to say, something was brewing there and it wasn’t just the coffee in young Bergevin’s dorm room.

I can’t pin down what was specifically discussed — I tried to at the time and have tried since and nothing’s come back to me beyond the type of speculation I could come up with myself. What I would say, however, is that some seeds were likely planted and we could see something materialize between these teams at some point this off-season. There are multiple scenarios that make them good trading partners."

Sounds like we could have another blockbuster trade on the horizon. 

Source: Eric Engels Sportsnet