As the lockdown continues across North America, we're starting to learn a lot about various players across the league. 

One of the most prominent Montreal Canadiens' figures has been Brendan Gallagher who's been all over social media recently. 

While this isn't a new video, it's resurfaced and people are having a good laugh. 

Members of the Canadiens were asked who's been the worst roommate they've ever been stuck with on the road and Gallagher didn't hesitate at all to name former Canadiens' forward Alex Galchenyuk. 

"Alex Galchenyuk... when we first started rooming together he would wake up he would sleep till 12pm so I would never see him. 

He'd go to bed at 2-3 in the morning but he wouldn't pack until 1-2 so I'd be asleep and he'd get up flick lights on slamming doors everywhere starting to pack. 

We had a few fights, we did get better though, by our third year together we got a little bit better but he's the worst."

You can watch the full video by clicking here

Source: RDS