As the tragic news continues to play out across the country, athletes and celebrities try and keep our spirits up. 

Hockey players are playing a big part in that as they've taken to social media and addressed a variety of topics keeping things interesting. 

One player who's been all over social media lately is Montreal Canadiens' forward Brendan Gallagher. 

Gallagher of course went viral with his Brooklyn Nine-Nine impressions and then again with his Dwight from The Office impression. 

This time Gallagher took to social media to answer a question the NHL presented him with. 

"Which athlete or comedian would he most like to be quarantined with for two weeks"

Gallagher decided to stay away from any athlete and named two comedians. 

"I'd probably go with a comedian over an athlete because I'd probably rather laugh than compete for the next two weeks. 

So I'll pick... either Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart, both hilarious. 

I'd probably go with Kevin Hart because I'm taller than him, I think I tower over him, I probably have like two inches over him. 

For two weeks it would be a pretty cool feeling to feel tall, I haven't had that before...."


Check it out in the video below: