The Montreal Canadiens are back on the ice tonight after their COVID break. 

It's a special night as it the Habs have a great opportunity to catch up on some ground in the Scotia North division and it's also a special night for Michael Frolik. 

The 33 year old will be stepping onto the ice for the first time since March 7 2020. 

While it's been frustrating for the forward to watch the Habs' season go by while he sits in the press box, he understands it's been a hard roster for him to crack and he knew what he was signing up for. 

The forward also admitted that after Corey Perry signed with the Canadiens that his battle to get into the lineup would be even harder and that proved true. 

At this point in time while he knows it's his first game this season, he's also very realistic in admitting it could be the last of his career. 

"I think before the game those butterflies in the stomach they're going to be there for sure. Obviously it's been a while to play aNHLgame & you never know - it could be my last one, who knows - but I just want to enjoy it & have fun with it..."

He's been waiting and waiting and he's ready to go. 

"A lot of talks with my agent & he said 'just be patient, wait for the chance' and here we are so let's do this tonight."

The veteran forward will start the game with Jake Evans and Perry on the team's fourth line.