The Montreal Canadiens hit the streets in Montreal to give away some face masks to help keep everybody safe during the COVID-19 battle. 

Montreal has been a hotspot for the coronavirus so it was a very important and well thought gesture by the Canadiens. 

Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin and forward Jonathan Drouin teamed up with Quebec premier Francois Legault for the event. 

Unfortunately, Legault decided it was time to bring up some trade suggestions during the event. 

Not only did he suggest that the Canadiens trade some key players, but one of his suggestions involved trading Drouin while Drouin was standing right there!!

Legault told Bergevin that he suggests if the Habs' are going for the Stanley Cup they keep Shea Weber and Carey Price, however if they're rebuilding they should move Weber and Drouin. 

He even Tweeted about it, and eventually deleted the Tweet but like everything on the internet, there's always a screenshot.