When Mike Babcock was let go by the Toronto Maple Leafs at the start of the season, plenty of people came out of nowhere to start ripping him. 

A couple of his former players pointed out how despite his winning history, his coaching style wasn't appreciated. 

Now another one of his former players has taken a couple of shots at him. 

While the shots came with some praise after, the shots were pretty interesting. 

Former Red Wing, Darren McCarty, jumped on the "Locked On Red Wings Podcast" and revealed he's not surprised by some of the things that have been said about Babcock. 

“You always trusted Scotty (Bowman) because you respected him,” McCarty said. “I couldn’t say that about Babcock. … He’s the most egotistical person I’ve ever met, and I don’t understand that. Because like I said, I played with so many Hall-of-Famers, that when guys that are allowed to be that way, don’t act that way, and then you act that way, I don’t have respect for that.”

Like some around the Leafs' have said, McCarty also commented how Babcock's practices are well done sometimes better than in his game coaching. 

“I would say Mike Babcock is the greatest X’s and O’s, video preparation coach. Stats, I love stats, you’re all prepared like that,” McCarty said. “His practices are better than games. The way that he does the video, does the preparation, does all that stuff, I’m taking a page out of Mike Babcock’s book, not Scotty Bowman’s book.”

When all is said and done..... IF Bacock has changed, McCarty believes he deserves at least one more chance in the league. 

“People are allowed to change,” McCarty said. “I think if his operating procedure’s different, and he figures out a new way, does he deserve another chance? I believe he does, if he’s changed.”

What do you think of McCarty's comments?

Source: Detroit News