The Montreal Canadiens are back on the ice tonight as they play the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. 

Once again the Canadiens will be shorthanded and it doesn't look like Mike Hoffman or Jake Allen will jump back into the lineup. 

Questions surround Jonathan Drouin as well. 

According to head coach Dominique Ducharme, Drouin has been given the green light to return but Drouin has decided to wait a little while longer. 

That isn't sitting well with one former Habs' forward. 

Chris "Knuckles" Nilan called out Drouin during a recent show on TSN690

Nilan called Drouin a soft player and while he admits Drouin can put up some key points he only does it when he wants to and doesn't seem to want to compete on a nightly basis. 

Considering how hard injuries have hit the whole team recently, Nilan also believes that this could cause some bad feelings with teammates in the locker room. 

With so many injuries, the Habs need every piece of help they can get and Drouin having the green light but choosing not to play might not sit right. 

What do you think of Nilan's comments?