Whether it's drama with his teammates or trouble off the ice, San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane always seems to be caught up in something. 

This time it's off the ice as the Sharks forward is being sued by a woman for $6million.

TMZ reports that a woman is suing Kane because she was promised $3million by Kane if she aborted their child, which she did but Kane never paid up. 

The report also points out this was the third abortion between Kane and the woman because Kane didn't want his "real girlfriend" to find out. 

After the first two abortions, which the woman mentions was a mutual decision to abort, the woman wanted to keep the baby during the third pregnancy. Kane said having a baby could affect his hockey career and his status with his girlfriend so he offered $1million to abort the child, when the woman said no, he upped the offer to $3million and she said it was an offer she couldn't refuse. 

The woman followed through with the payment but claims that Kane bullied her and eventually accused of her extortion. 

The woman is suing for $6million, which is a combination of the original $3million and additional money for other damages including intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

You can read the original story here

Source: TMZ
Image Credit: NHL.com