The Montreal Canadiens made a major change today when they made the head coaching switch and gave a big promotion to Dominique Ducharme. 

It's clear that Claude Julien's message and style had ran it's course with the team and Ducharme is expected to bring some fresh energy as head coach. 

One thing that Ducharme is known for is his offensive style of coaching which will be a complete difference compared to Julien's shut it down defensive style that was similar to Michel Therrien's. 

During Ducharme's presser today, Montreal Gazette reporter Stu Cowan asked Ducharme what the difference in coaching style was between the two and Ducharme was pretty straight forward. 

"I like offense". 

While this might have not been intended as a shot to Julien, it surely can seem like one. 

What do you think of Ducharme's comment?