The Montreal Canadiens are waiting for their conference final opponent and while they'll likely be missing Jake Evans and maybe Jeff Petry another name has been forgotten about. 

Jonathan Drouin. 

Drouin left the team for personal reasons near the end of the season and no details were revealed at all about his situation. 

There was some chatter that Drouin had locked himself in his hotel room the final road trip and only came out for games and practices.

Regardless, neither the Canadiens nor Drouin have really given any details about it. 

Ducharme finally gave a bit of an update today when asked about Drouin. 

The Habs' head coach said the team is wishing Drouin well and they've stayed in contact and usually speak after the big wins. 

“He’s one of us, and we’re a team.”

While he might be forgotten about to many of us, it seems he's still on the minds of the Canadiens' players as they make their run.