The Montreal Canadiens are without a doubt enjoying the moves general manager Marc Bergevin made during the summer. 

Some of them might not have been popular at the time but so far they've all worked out. 

One that came with some criticism was the Max Domi - Josh Anderson trade as many people looked at his goal total from the previous season and not the fact that he was injured all year. 

In any case it's looking like another steal for Bergevin and it's not looking too good for Domi in Columbus. 

Domi has been regulated to fourth line duties in Columbus and is barely cracking 12 minutes of ice time a game.

Head coach John Tortorella spoke about Domi's struggles recently and he's not too impressed with his play. 

“It’s a concern,” Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella said. “I’m sure it’s a concern of Max’s, too.

“I do think he’s beginning to move his legs more. That’s been more evident as we’ve played, but it’s been tough sledding offensively for him. On top of that, he’s still learning the defensive part of the game, how we play it.”

Unlike when he was in Montreal and demoted to the fourth line and said he didn't understand why, Domi is taking responsibility this time around. 

“I just have to find a way to start producing,” Domi said. “It’s as simple as that. It’s a much different system here. Different teammates, different coach, different city. It’s all different. But you have to find a way.

“If you’re a pro hockey player, you’ve seen most (systems), so you should be able to adapt pretty quickly. I’ve played some left wing, some right wing, some center, so just getting a better understanding of how to produce while playing within the system that (coach John Tortorella) wants us to do.

“It’s up to the individual to figure it out. You still have to skate, still have to play.”

Is Domi's time as a top six forward in the NHL over?


Source: The Athletic