It's quite the stressful week for Montreal Canadiens' fans and likely the same for Canadiens' general manager Marc Bergevin. 

Franchise player and elite goalie Carey Price is unprotected for the expansion draft and many believe the Seattle Kraken are basically forced to take him and can't pass up on one of the world's best goaltenders. 

Of course there's some concerns for the Kraken which include his health and salary cap hit. 

Some have predicted this scenario for years pointing to the fact that Carey's wife, Angela, is from Washington State and Price himself is from B.C. and would be close to home. 

Now some fans are pointing to a recent Instagram post by Angela believing it's a major clue and revelation by Carey that he'll be going to Seattle. 

In the short video, Carey can be seen wearing colours extremely similar to those of the Kraken!!!

Do you think this is just a coincidence or a major clue by Carey?

Check out the snapshot below: