With the Montreal Canadiens current losing streak, Jonathan Drouin and Shea Weber have been made the whipping boys. 

Both players had answers that upset some fans and media members during yesterday's presser. 

When asked about his goal scoring troubles Drouin told the media to check out the assist column and when Weber was asked about his individual play he said it was a team game so there was nothing to talk about. 

Needles to say, both answers added more fuel to the fire and triggered fans and media members. 

Former Montreal Canadiens' forward Dale Weise isn't too happy about the way Shea Weber is being treated by the media and says they need to relax because they literally know nothing. 

"I find a lot of media people make assumptions about what happens in the dressing room, they like to write articles, they like to think they know the inner workings of a dressing room and it really pisses me off because I've seen so many guys write stuff....

I'm just sitting there like all you do is come in after practice or a game for 20 minutes and you put a mic in a guys face and you ask questions.... how do you know what's really going on? Nobody gives you a real answer, nobody tells you the truth.... so that pisses me off. 

This Shea Weber thing for me, he's a guy that everybody's so easy to jump on right now and I don't understand. He took a Canadiens team that was starving for leadership, it needed somebody to come in and take control and that's exactly what he did. 

I don't care at this point what Shea Weber does on the ice, I've been in the locker room with the guy and seesn what he does off ice and that holds the whole dressing room accountable.

For all the people that are shitting on this guy it's just mind blowing for me. The impact that this guy is gonna have on Suzuki, KK and Romanov and all your young guys just to be around this guy and to see what it takes to play for over 1000 games is instrumental and you can't put a value on that... I don't care what he does as a player."

What do you think of Weise's comments?

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