The Montreal Canadiens lost a tough game to the Philadelphia Flyers last night by the score of 3-2 in overtime. 

It was a tough game for the Canadiens because they failed to show up for the first half and when they did show up, the refs took over the game with some really bad calls including a big one in the third period.

"There's a point there that they've (referees) got to take certain responsibilities," Julien told reporters. "What's disappointing to me is after that, I don't know if they felt embarrassed but they made sure that we weren't going to get any breaks."

When the Habs' were called for icing, the refs wouldn't even let them put the proper players back on the ice and got called for delay of game. 

"I'm trying to put the same guys back on the ice and they're not letting me," Julien added. "And I'm telling him that, 'You want the guys that are on the ice, I'm giving you the guys.' And he gives me a delay of game penalty."

The Habs' took a lot of penalties last night, some which were obvious, but there was some others that weren't called against the Flyers that were absolutely baffling. 

"I was disappointed in the way it was handled after," he said. "The stick to Drouin's face that everybody saw, (the official) saw it. I know he saw it and decided not to call it."

"Honestly, I can take a lot of responsibility ... Most of the penalties tonight, they were penalties. Slashing, hooking, this and that. So we take responsibility for that."

What do you think of Julien's comments?

Source: Sportsnet